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Anna Scott is a vocalist, songwriter, performer, and musician.

She was born and raised in Paris by two opera-singing parents. Anna first performed on stage at the age of 3.  Classically trained as a child in both singing and dance, Anna soon moved on to contemporary jazz, tap, folk, and Americana music. 


After many years performing as a singer and tap dancer, in 2020 she decided to focus on music only, especially Americana music, which she always had in her heart, and shows off soulful vocals and a wide range of vocal tones served by authentic interpretations. Among her influences: Patsy Cline, Judy Garland, Dolly Parton, Etta James, Ray Charles, Elvis, Rosetta Tharpe, Loretta Lynn...


Get ready for Anna's new Album AMERICANA CRUSH, a travel through Americana music and through life. Each song will be released at a monthly interval starting in January 2024:

1- Now that I'm back home

2- Temptation Blues

3- Rise Again

4- In Every Dream

5- Campfire Song

6- Is it Freedom

7- A New Me

8- Sweet Summer Times

9- Yesterday

10- Americana Crush


'So joyful it would lift anyone’s spirits. It’s a beautifully crafted album from a sparkly morning to a mellow afternoon. Congratulations, you’ve created something special!' 

Michael Abbott, marketing & events manager.



Anna Scott's vocals have a soulful quality that fits well with the genre, and her song-writing reflects the introspective and storytelling nature of many Americana songs. A well-crafted and authentic take on Americana, with strong vocal and instrumental performances that capture the essence of the genre. Fans of artists like Emmylou Harris and Alison Krauss are likely to appreciate the song's influences and style. 

Nine Media Company





Anna moved to London in 2014, where she started to perform in Renato D’Aiello’s band as a tap dancer, at Ronnie Scott Upstairs, aside from setting up her own projects. In 2015, She signed up with a live music agency and currently performs as a singer-guitarist in various London venues and clubs (Temple of Arts and Music, Americana Bar TV show, Ronnie Scott Upstairs, Green Note, Pizza Express Maidstone, Toulouse Lautrec, Brasserie Zedel, Home House, Plaza Hotel Waterloo) featuring her own original songs, as well as her own unique interpretation of classic songs both modern, and retro. Her repertoire covers songs from early 20’s blues and jazz, to classic country and contemporary pop; and she performs in combinations of lineups running from solo, duo, trio, and quartet formats.


Puzzled: Americana forever

Caught up by her deep love for ‘Americana’ music, in 2021 she recorded her album PUZZLED, which was released in January 2022; recorded live as a quartet at ‘That Sound’ Studio’ directed by Edoardo Allertsen in London, with Chicco Allotta on keys and piano, Giulio Romano on electric guitar and Daniele Antenucci on drums.


Early years

After an early debut as a child actor in various opera productions, Anna’s childhood experiences brought her to theatre in 1989 at La comedie de Paris in Paris where she performed alongside Gerard Caillaud and Gerard Loussine in La Premiere Tete. She studied classical music at the Paris Conservatoire through La Maitrise de Paris where she become a soloist, and also studied and performed ballet and modern dance. Her experiences during this period significantly shaped her professionalism, musicality and versatility: and she became a seasoned child performer at concert oratorios, recordings and TVs shows. As a young performer having to think about developing her own independent career, Anna stopped singing and dancing for several years, opting instead for specialised training in music technologies, adding a range of behind-the-scenes techniques to her ‘on-stage’ persona.

Tap & A Ticket To Broadway

By 2000 she was back on stage performing jazz singing, jazz and tap dancing. Always attracted to the old Hollywood musicals she used to watch when she was little, she started learning to tap at the most famous tap school in Paris: SwingTap, directed by Victor Cuno.


In 2005, spotted by Eric Frederic, she performed in the musical Ticket to Broadway, a musical for two actors, that ran for 2 years.



Mixing arts: Swing Baby Swing

Anna started to create her own shows in 2007, mixing singing and dance in cabaret style shows. In 2011, she wrote the scenario of ‘Swing Baby Swing’, and received offers from Fabien Ruiz (Tap dancer and Choreographer, 'The Artist') to help her set up the project: ‘A Musical in Solo’. She wrote both the music and produced the choreography. One year later in 2012 the show premiered at Festival d'Avignon and produced by the company Opera Autrement, and ran in its French and English version until 2018, going through several versions.


Reviews of Swing Baby Swing':

 “a vibrant dynamic dance performance inviting audiences to experience the life of a starry-eyed girl trapped in a hectic world of her own making. Anna’s performance is endearing, humorous, sexy and unhinged... an ultimately rewarding, intimate experience.” Sabrina Manning, a BBC author,

“Anna Scott as “a rare artist, ‘à l’américaine’” Fabien RUIZ, choreographer « The Artist»'

  “A delicious show ! Anna Scott, an attractive, modern, natural, multi-talented young woman. Excellent actress, superb voice and a first class tap dancer. A lively, gay, straightforward, touching performance to be consumed without moderation. One leaves with a sparkle in one’s eyes and the desire to ‘Swing’. Don’t miss this show that will lighten your souls in these difficult times.” Floriane Blizt, ex-ballet dancer at Paris Opera


Ever keen to share her passion, Anna has always taught jazz dance, tap, musical theatre, and music; giving back to the industry that she loves, always encouraging her students to cultivate and develop their own personalities, uniqueness, and individual skills.


During the pandemic lockdown, in 2019, Anna created a ‘TAP DANCE TUTORIAL AT HOME’ YouTube channel, where she breaks down her considerable skills and techniques; and shares famous routines and steps by Fred Astaire, Eleanor Powell, Gene Kelly, among others.


In 2020, she also started ‘ANNA SCOTT MUSIC’, her own music channel, sharing her music and inspiring aspiring singer guitarist.

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