Creative Artists: A LONESOME ROAD
Because it has become more and more difficult for creative artists to earn a living from their art, today, more and more performers use fundraising to support their projects and all the expenses involved (studio hire, rehearsals, recording, video marketing, promotion, merchandising, technical team, equipment expenses... )
By showing your support, you support my work, yes, but you also support creation, music, live entertainment and the right for artists to be singular and original.
Thanks in advance for your help and I would like to show my gratitude to all the professionals (musicians, dancers, actors, directors, photographers...) who've helped me during my journey, and without whom nothing would have been possible.... hoping not to forget anyone... Marie Duisit, Jean-Dominique Burroni, Christian Davesnes, Geraud Andrieu, Yves Brouqui, Fabien Ruiz, Robert Fortune, Pierre Barrat, Renaut Barrat, Michel Simonot, Belhadj Bensnoussi, Jean Gros, Bruce Alexander and the Melbourne Acting Center, Chicco Allotta, Belinda Kunz, Floriane Blitz, Lionel Amadote, Laurence Brey, Thierry Sarment....
Thank you all for your time, talent, trust and generosity.
With Love,