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Feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, lonely - with no idea where to begin? Losing motivation and belief? Sound familiar? I found some very useful teachings to help me overcome just such a crisis, and I'd like to share them with you.

During my journey to London, far far outside my comfort zone and facing some (at times) very dire situations - both physical and phychological - I found support through listening to audio guides on youtube. I discovered some incredible mentors as well as different types of meditation. I believe if everyone followed these teachings the world would be a better place. What's more, since they have been - and still are - so helpful for me, I imagine others might also find valuable support and comfort here. So if I may, let me offer some help...

First and foremost, these teachings allow you to discover who YOU are -and you're probably going to discover that you're not the person you think you are but someone else instead. You're likely to discover that some of your choices have therefore been mistakes, because they were based on this other person you thought you were.

I'll try here to give you a glimpse of what I learned, and links for you to know more about it if you wish.

I first started with Eckhart Tolle and the power of now: very efficient if you just want to stop thinking and are looking for peace of mind and a gentle voice to guide you.

I moved on to Wayne Dyers, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Burt Goldman and the quantum jump, Kevin Trudeau. More recently I discovered the Silva Method, founded by Jose Silva, who's apparently the father of all. I also found help watching Victoria Gallagher's videos especially - the one about the Law of Detachment, which is mandatory to understand if you want to stay in peace.

Ok, so basically if you WANT to be happy (it sounds obvious but many of us simply don't want to be happy); if you really want to be happy, the first thing is to define your dreams...

What do you REALLY want?

And it's not that easy when you think about it. What do you really want? What makes you happy? This is not the same as "What do you think you want?" or "What do you think will make you happy?" It's easy to be confused and to think of ourselves as someone else.

Anyway, let's get to the point (don't worry, the links are coming...)

Basically, the 5 steps to happiness I have been able to break down, after synthesising everything, are:

1. Find out what you really want

To discover that, remember moments in your life when you were truly happy and ask yourself: Where was it? Who was there? What was I doing?

2. Define and prioritize your goals

Then ask yourself what you need to do to make it happen: you've now defined your goals. Next you need to prioritize them. Let's say you've identified 10 goals: it'll be impossible to focus on all of them at the same time, so prioritize your goals from 1 to 10.

3. Focus on 1 to 3 goals - not more as they say the Universe cannot clearly hear your message :) Your intention needs to be focused really hard on these main 3 goals.

This means thinking about the goal as though it's already been achieved and feeling good about it: have no doubt in your mind that it's going to happen.

4. Take actions

If you think like that - if you're obsessed and passionate about your dreams - your actions will follow. Of course it's not gonna happen in front of the TV, meditating all day, or patying all week-ends: this is obvious. At some point you'll have to do something, and you'll have to choose what is really important in your life... If you think about it, each time you feel reluctant to take action, lack the energy or feel too lazy or tired, it's really because you're not motivated and passionate enough. And that's because unconsciously you have a paradigm that tells you your dream cannot be achieved. So focus, believe in it, and then.....

5. Let it go

That means, you have to not care whether or not you get what you want (the Law of Detachment). This is the most difficult stage, especially after focusing and visualising yourself with your goals already achieved.

The best way to achieve this way of thinking, I found, is simply to be sure that the Universe will make everything happen at the right time for you, so you don't have to worry about it: just sit back and leave it to the Universe.

Here now are some key phrases from Kevin Trudeau's teachings that will completely change your way of thinking and (in time, if you apply the method) allow you to turn a situation around and feel good about it, whatever it is.

For instance, when you're facing a problem, ask yourself these questions. You'll notice it will make you face the situation totally differently and gain some distance from the problem, which will therefore help you take the right decision...

Who do you listen to? (are you following the right advice / asking the right people for you?)

What is your teachability index? (Do you think you know everything and have nothing to learn? If so, let go of the Ego)

What is your ability to accept change? (What are you willing to change in order to achieve your goals? What compromises are you ready to make?)

Secondly, some advice you should keep in mind when aiming for a certain goal:

Be obsessed, have a burning desire (motivation)

One step at a time (don't rush, it takes more time than you think, just start with the beginning)

You become what you think about most of the time

Master the basics (all those who have mastered an art, be it painting, music, dance, drama: when you think about it, they have simply mastered the basics)

You have to care, but not that much (Law of Detachment)

Think about what you want and feel good (if you have a goal and you feel bad when you think about it - because unconsciously you don't believe you can achieve your goal - that means the goal is not right and you need to adapt it to what you truly think you can achieve. When you're comfortable with it, aim for a higher goal, and so on...)

Basically it is all about keeping on believing that, whatever happens to you, the Universe will give you what is best for you, at the right time for you. The thing is to never stop believing. (Which is quite hard sometimes...) :)

Also we should all remember that improving as a human being doesn't mean you'll stop feeling anxious, having doubts, experiencing hopeless moments or being discouraged sometimes - it just means that you'll be more likely to accept those moments when they arrive, and turn around the situations that cause them, by improving how you manage your thoughts and actions. So, if you want to know: is it still ok to cry? Yes!

That's it! I hope it'll be helpful and feel free to share any comments or add any knowledge to this post.

All the best,


These are a few youtube channels you can check:

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