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QUICK TIPS - If your lower back hurts

Helloooo, First of all I'd like to mention that I'm not a doctor or chiropractor, those tips are just the results of experience, my studies as a jazz dance teacher, and some common sense.

If your lower back hurts, there' re some things you can do, before going to a specialist and spend money, that can drastically improve your condition.

Just a 3 questions for you:

1- Do you eat enough fresh food?

2- Do you drink enough water?

3- Are you staying long hours seated without moving?

4- Are your abs strong enough?

Do you eat enough fresh food?

The fuel you put in your body is the first thing to pay attention to. you can easily feel a lot better in one day, simply by removing processed food, eat more fruits and vegetables. Sounds too simple, but it works if you can do it... So basically, the less prepared the food is, the better. Keep in mind that the food that is touched by loads of people for preparation, put in bags and well served in attractive sachets is usually not fresh food. If you prepare vegetables in a pan and you finish by adding some canned tomato sauce, you basically kill the effect of the vegetables, for instance. Keep it as untouched as possible.

Do you drink enough water?

According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, "the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%". See what I mean? You need water to make your body work properly. not liquids (coffee, tea, diet sodas...) you need pure water! So, for any pain you may, start by doubling the amount of water you drink each day.

Are you staying long hours seated without moving?

We are made to move, to use our body, not to stay seated on our bottoms. Otherwise why would we have all these physical capabilities? The problem is that some profession require you to stay seated for hours (musicians, work on computer..). You have no choice, you need to balance the things. You need to plan activities in your week, the best I know being the yoga, for the association of breathing and movement is amazing when it comes to flexibility. It circulates the synovial fluid and keep your joints strong. If you can't or are not interested, then play with your kids, run with your dog, have fun like a kid.... move! And then do good stretch associate with deep breathing. If you need to stay seated to work on your instrument for instance, during your breaks, don't go to seat on the couch to watch TV, move! (House keeping is a wonderful way to move, burn calories and clear your mind at the same time).

Which leads me to this question: have you strong enough abs?

It is not a secret: if you have weak abs, your body will automatically compensate by taking the tension in the lower back. So all efforts requiring your abs will be made with the lower back muscles. We have muscles there, so it's not bad to use those, but your abs are needed. Abs and butts are most of the time neglected (apart for beauty purpose) but they are very powerful groups of muscles, and mandatory in the good balance of our body. You feel it right away by doing the corset exercise: seat in a proper position with a long back, and now imagine that your navel is getting closer to your lower back, put the strength in your lower abs (the upper body stay relaxed). Now that you have this energy, focus on releasing the lower back while maintaining the strength in your lower abs. You feel it? Don't stay blocked and rigid in this position, find a relax way to hold it. Is it a big effort for you? This is how we should be holding our waist most of the time. Try to make your body take the habit of the "corset" and you'll see the difference very fast.

Hope that will help!

See you soon for more tips..

Take care,


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